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  • Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna Steak: A 10-ounce steak of yellowfin tuna, flash frozen at sea. Serve pan seared or grilled to desired doneness. Previously frozen. Price per pound
  • Cod Fish fillet: Another New England classic. Mild, white flesh with the tendency to flake have made cod fish synonymous with this region's cuisine. Several seaside communities were founded and financed by this fish. Cod lends itself to use in fish n' chips and baked fish dishes, as well as soups and chowders. It may also be salted and preserved. Individual fillet size will vary. Price per pound
  • Fresh Flounder Fillet (Yellow-tail or black-back)-Our most popular and abundant fillet, there's an endless number of uses for this versatile and mild white fish. Stuffed and baked, deep fried in fish n' chips, lightly sauteed...our flounder is great no matter how you cook it! Price per pound
  • Fresh Swordfish Steak: We never sell previously frozen swordfish, and we carve our own! In Rhode Island's warmer months, swordfish runs as locally as Block Island. Winter months will see southern swordfish in our market, typically from the Carolinas. Swordfish is best eaten grilled or broiled. Steak size will vary and depend upon fish size and cut (belly or tail). Price per pound
  • Farm-raised Salmon Fillet: A product of Canadian and Maine fish farms, we bring in our salmon whole for our own fish mongers to fillet. Sold skin-on, pin bones removed. Price per pound
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