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Champlin’s Seafood Retail Market in Narragansett, RI offers the best and freshest seafood available. “Great selection, trusty counter help, fresh goods. What more can you ask for?”


The Providence Journal writer Donald D. Breed critiques Champlin’s Restaurant located in Narragansett. He writes that the seafood is heavenly as “They use a superior species and fresher than most restaurants can get. The boats come in at 6:00 AM and continue all day. It’s perfectly cooked. And upstairs and outside at Champlin’s, you can hear the gulls, watch the boats and savor the catch.”

Donald D. Breed, Providence Journal

Since 1944, Champlin’s has been serving astoundingly simple and delicious lobster rolls from their dockside restaurant.
The Daily Meal’s America’s 20 Best Lobster Rolls

The Daily Meal

Along with the usual knuckle and claw meat, Champlin’s folds in tail meat for added richness, celery for crunch and just enough mayo to coat., Best lobster rolls list